Le Menu

Please note that the menu, including prices, is subject to change according to availability and cost of ingredients. We also offer daily specials.


Traditionnelle soupe a l’oignon | $18
Traditional onion soup

Terrine et ces cornichons | $20
Pork and rabbit terrine served with cornichons

Moules à la Basquaise | $20
Mussels cooked in tomato, capsicum and chorizo

Cervelles d’agneau poêlées aux épinards et beurre meunière |$20
Panfried lamb brains with spinach and lemon, capers, parsley butter

La caille grilleés et asperges | $23
Grilled quail served with asparagus and quail egg

Soufflé au bleu avec poire et noix | $20
Blue cheese soufflé with pear and walnuts salad

Les Huitres Naturel | $22
Oysters natural half dozen

Saumon Gravlax avec salade de fenouil | $22
Beetroot cured salmon served with fennel salad

Escargots à la Bourguignonne | $20
Snails in garlic and parsley butter

Coquilles Saint Jacques | $23
Scallops in a beurre blanc safranee served with broad beans and a crunchy puff

Plats De Résistance

Joue de boeuf “façon Bourguignon” | $37
Beef cheek casserole with red wine, bacon, shallots and mushrooms

Confit de Canard | $39
Duck confit with fondue de poireaux and potatoes roasted in the fat of the bird

Volaille du Jour$38
Chargrilled spatchcock served with roast carrots and kifler potatoes

Cassolette de fruits de mer en croûte au fenouil  | $40
Mixed seafood pie, depending on the market, baked with tomato and fennel

Lapin du jour $39
Casserole of rabbit cooked with mustard, olives and rosemary

Veau Normand | $39
Escalopes of veal served with a mushroom and calvados sauce, potato purée and brocolli

Poisson du jour | $39
Fish of the day

Steak tartare | $40
Raw mince Eye Fillet steak spiced to your taste

Grillades et pommes frittes avec sauce au choix | Scotch Fillet $41 | Eye Fillet $44
Scotch or Eye Fillet served with fries and choice of béarnaise, pepper, mushroom sauce or red wine jus


Green beans, spinach, mash potato, fries | $10 each
Les salades vertes | Vinaigrette $13  | Roquefort $16

Les Desserts

Crème Brûlée $15
Traditional vanilla crème brûlée

Mousse au Chocolat$15
Dark chocolate mousse

Sorbets et Glaces du Moment $15
Sorbets and ice cream

Mi-cuit au Chocolat et Giannduja $15
Soft-centred chocolate hazelnut pudding served with ice cream

Tarte Tatin | $15
Warm upside down apple tart served with cream

Île Flottante | $15
Soft poached meringue with crème anglaise

Crêpes Flambées | $17
Crêpes flambées ask your waiter

A selection of French cheeses | $22
served with glass of All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscat | $30


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